Tesori Kindergarten

“The child should love everything he learns. Whatever is presented to him must be made beautiful and clear. Once this love has been kindled, all problems confronting the educationalist will disappear.”
— Maria Montessori
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In italian, „Tesoro” means treasure. We believe there is a treasure to be found, protected and nurtured in every child, which is how we can help them evolve. This is our commitment to the children who come to Tesori. 
However, the name also stands for something else. It is part of the name of the person who is a role model to all of us: Maria Montessori, one of the most appreciated pedagogues of all time, who dedicated her entire life to the development of children, observing and creating a unique educational method for them – one that rsespects each and every child’s individuality, their skills and interior treasures. To us, the treasure is childhood itself, the education and innate abilities of every child in our care.
Our mission is to always accompany the children in their development process, to make them acknowledge their mental and emotional needs. By combining individual work, designed around the abilities of every child, with group activities centered around games, stories, artistic expression and communication, our desire is to show them the ways and possibilities to develop their own ability to make good choices.
Our main goal is that, individually, the child will acquire a series of competences:
  • develop their intelligence, creativity and talent – we are here to satisfy their thirst for knowlegde and exploration, in a well prepared environment;
  • the ability to make decisions – bring out the adult within in a positive manner, protecting their hearts and minds from evil;
  • respect and care for the others and for the environment – we support him in relationing with other people and the surrounding environment, making their integration easier;
  • develop self-trust and independence – we offer all conditions for the child to live and work in a safe, healthy, pleasant and orderly environment which will help make for a future trusting, self-disciplined and independent adult.


As our aim is to bring up future stars, we have given good consideration to the values that guide us in life as persons and make us respected, competent and responsible. Then we thought about how we could transfer these values in our work with the children and in our activities. Within Tesori we are guided by:

  • Excellence – we work responsibly and make everything as good as possible
  • Respect for children – communication-wise as well as considering the philosophy, curriculum and the way in which the learning environments are prepared inside or outside.
  • Developing character – knowledge can be easily obtained especially in the preschool years when children absorb information from their environment so easily. As pedagogues we don’t only work with information but offer the frame in which the child can especially develop his character.
  • Partnership with parents – parents and the community are within the first years of life like the left and the right arm guiding the child on his way to self-knowledge. We want to make an excellent team with the parents, we want them to be involved and always in contact with us and their children’s progress.
  • Knowledge-oriented children – we, as teachers, want to always be up to date with the latest discoveries and apply them in class. We want to guide children so as to learn to critically think about the world, analyze and get in contact with as many scientific areas as possible.
  • Our children, citizens of the world – we want to show the children diverse and beautiful ways to follow, so as to get familiarized, even at their younger age, with small concepts such as: active citizenship, diversity, internationalism.
We offer a qualitative educational act based on values and principles that cannot be replaced. Our duty is to observe and bring out the value from the uniqueness of every child so that they can use their own treasure at the right time in their life.
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